What I’ve Been Up to

If you’re ever in the Cleveland area check out my radio show Basheer Jones & Company (Newstalk 1490). The only morning show that offers a positive, motivational and uplifting message to get your day started!

Basheer Jones & Company



Basheer Jones & Company flier


Kim (my producer), Dr. Ian Smith, and  me in the studio dr-ian-smith-bj-kim


Me and Rev Run

BJ Rev Run




2 responses to “What I’ve Been Up to

  1. You truly an inspiration to us all my brother. I love you and pray that blessings continue to surround you.

  2. Interesting that this mentions the word positive with the message I heard today where you were slamming an African American business owner today who did not bow down to your perceived importance. I find it disturbing that you appear to be socially aware and sincerely concerned about the goings on in the African American community and in the same breath slander an African American who has operated in this community before you were even born.

    I was there, I watched and heard a lot but I never heard vulgar language from you or the man you slandered.

    Word from the wise… in your attempt to harm another, you are often times harmed in the process. You and your “body guard” were wrong. You compounded the situation by getting on air and lying about what transpired.

    Think long and hard about your position Mr. Jones. Apologize to this man and set the record straight.

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