Is it really about reform?

As I watch the news I witnesss townhall meetings across the country being disrupted by angry people who claim that the government is trying to take over their lives.  It makes me wonder and ask myself two questions, 1. are their worries valid? and 2. is it really about healthcare reform? My first question was answered last night as I watched MSNBC and Rachel Maddow discussed how the republicans are not concerned with reform and continued with discussing that many of these protestors are upset about information that is not even factual. Rachel showed how a huge percentage of Republicans who were angry about this Health Care reform were recieving their information from news networks such as Foxnews and radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh who have knowingly spread false information to arouse the emotions of a group of people who would feel more comfortable with America remaining how its always been.  We all know how America has been but its time for America to move in a new direction.  So the answer is clear, their worries are not valid. Especially when their worries are fed by lies, which in turn creates more doubt and fear.  Is it really about healthcare reform? How could it be when so many people are complaining but are not offering any solutions.  For some reform is empowering but for others it removes the power that has been passed down generation after generation. I don’t believe their anger has anything to do with healthcare, just like I don’t think the anger pointed towards Vick is exclusively about those dogs.  I’m not saying that there aren’t people who want reform or people who really care about animals but more than anything it seems like many people feel like their entitled to the America that they’ve always known and loved. We need Reform! Not only in our healthcare system but in the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans.


One response to “Is it really about reform?

  1. Shawnathan Fort


    The University of Findlay is a conservative town, so I take advantage of the opportunity to discuss and understand the views of my conservative peers. My peers that I talk with are very intellectual and caring people. Recently, I had a discussion about healthcare reform with a group of friends. Some of their complaints was such, “Medicare is not efficient and doesn’t really work; a public option is not going to work because government can’t run it properly; low income families on welfare abuse it… my father is a pharmacy and I see how people on care source try to get on every prescription possible just because it’s free; Universal healthcare will bankrupt this country… this I what’s going on in France although they are suppose to have such a great system.”

    Basically it was a lot of them complaining about what’s wrong and what not going to work!

    Then I ask the question, “So what do you all think will work”. The whole table got quiet, and I looked at one of them and she responded, “I don’t know”.

    We all agreed that Universal Health Care is not the best option and we need to help trouble families with healthcare cost.

    My point in saying this is that people are so quick to bash Obama and say what’s not going to work, but aren’t offer any solutions. I do agree with you on the fact that it’s all propaganda coming from FOX and other Conservative/Republican stations to make Obama look so they can “Conserve” the old American way.

    I support Obama’s plan not because I think it’s the best, but just because no one is coming up with anything better solutions, and it doesn’t seem as if they’re trying (only complaining). I mean Obama is on foot debating people in public about his health care plan. You have to have confidents in your plan to do that. I’m down bipartisanship, but people please stop complaining and contribute.

    Personally I feel we need to gather the uninsured and have them come up with a plan, for they are the one in need of this bill.

    Shawnathan Fort

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