A Moral Imperative!

“Freedom must be demanded by the oppressed because it will not be given

by the oppressor.” When I think about Dr. King’s quote it made me develop

my own. “Healthcare Reform must be demanded by all American People

because it will not be given by the institutions that are making money off of

it remaining the same.”

According to The New York Times Magazine, former Senate Majority Leader

Tom Daschle stated, “I think we have to do a better job at making this issue a

moral imperative.”

This issue that Mr. Daschle is referring to is Health Care Reform. I couldn’t

agree more with Mr. Daschle. It isn’t hard for me to believe that there are 47

million people uninsured, I feel like I know a million of them. To be totally

transparent, I don’t even have health insurance and I’m a local and national

talk show host. I had to choose between paying back school loans or pay for

health insurance. I chose to pay back my school loans because of the

negative affect that it was having on my credit. There are some people who

are choosing between healthcare and groceries. If this isn’t a moral issue

then reform is not only need in HealthCare but in the hearts of the American

people. When everyday people have to choose between which basic

necessity is more important than it is time for reform. According to the

McKinsey Global Institute we have the far most expensive health system in

the world and we spend more on health care than housing or food but were

not healthier. According to the Council of Economic Advisers if we continue

on our current path health care costs will consume 34 percent of our GDP by

2040 and the number of uninsured Americans will rise to 72 million. The

price of doing nothing is far worse than the numbers that are being tossed

around to scare the people away from healthcare reform. But reform or

change is necessary. The companies that make money off of people

remaining sick are afraid that this “change” will affect the “change” that

continues to add up in their pockets. As a voice for the next generation I

readily take on the challenge to pay off debts tomorrow to heal the sick

today. If we don’t heal the sick today then millions will pay the ultimate

price tomorrow with their lives. The only people who don’t want to discuss

healthcare reform are those who are benefitting from the same old politics.

Change isn’t something that everybody wants but it is something that we all

need. And if we are going to move forward as a country we must all move

forward or at least give everybody the opportunity to do so. Lets rally

together and make sure that our Healthcare system is reformed so that we

can discuss the real issue behind all of the animosity. I believe the hostility

isn’t about reforming the healthcare system people aren’t ready to reform

their hearts.


One response to “A Moral Imperative!

  1. Kimberly V. Taylor

    Dear Basheer:

    I agree that healthcare is important especially the elderly. I was my mother’s primary caregiver until she died. It was very expensive and I took my savings to take care of her. Healthcare should be the same for everyone.

    Kimberly V. Taylor
    All Good Closet

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