A New Direction

This whole week on my morning show I have interviewed local politicians who are running for office here in the great city of Cleveland, Ohio. It has been very interesting to see how engaged my listeners have been this past week. When your sitting behind the microphone you can never tell who is listening to the show. But this past week unfamiliar names of callers continued to pop up on the screen and the questions and comments were very engaging. As community activists we sometimes complain about the lack of engagement of the people. But I was energized to hear so many people asking the local politicians the tough questions. Why this? What are you going to do about this? Why is this in your past and how have you changed? Call after call showed that my people are not sleep they are just waiting on something to light that spark.  My people are ready for a New Direction! I truly believe that media is more powerful than we know and understand and if we can use it for good then we can lead the people in a New Direction. The people of Cleveland and whatever city you reside are ready to go in a New Direction but you must come up with a way to spark their interest. You must become an example of what it means to be a public servant, not a politician a public servant. I’m so proud of my listeners! They aren’t sleep, their just resting. They are preparing for the change! No more time to prepare because the change is here and have always been here inside of all of us.


Listen Live 6am-9am 10pm-1am Eastern Time at Newstalk1490.com We are streaming live!


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