It’s Crystal Clear

As I travel throughout the country visiting  grade school classrooms there is one name that causes excitement in the eyes of young Americans, President Barack Obama. I’m not talking about adults who have been taught to believe in inferority and superiority. I’m talking about innocent children who simply are looking for something and someone to believe in. Children who are watching their parents deal with this terrible economy, no access to healthcare, and the stress of wondering if their next to recieve the pink slip from their jobs. Imagine the impact that our children are going through as they watch their parents deal with such instability. Our children begin to feel as if its their fault. How can our children become the best students that they can be when they are lacking hope? Hope is formed with the ingredients of faith, courage, self-esteem and love. Around our country our babies are suffering from hopelessness and there is no way that they can become successful as students or citizens if they lack this key ingredient. In classrooms throughout our nation billboards of the President and his family are plastered right next to the inspirational quote of the day. What is it about this family that inspires young kids to reach their potential? Maybe for some of them he is the father that they have always dreamed of. For many the Obama’s are the example and the definition of a healthy family. A family that most young people will never experience. For some President Barack Obama is a dream come true. He is inspiration for the young African-American and Latino boy who have been taught to believe that minority is not based on population but on color and because of this they will always have to “sit in the back of the class.” President Obama is the example of making it despite what others may think of you. President Barack Obama not only makes our children feel hopeful about their personal situation, but he makes them feel hopeful about their country.  Its crystal clear why parents and politicians are outraged about President Obama’s upcoming speech to students across the nation. Its crystal clear that it has nothing to do with our children. Its crystal clear that it has nothing to do with his message. Its crystal clear that it has everything to do with President Barack Obama. It doesn’t matter if the President was having an Ice Cream party people will find something to disagree and be angry about. Some people believe that it boils down to racism. I wouldn’t disagree with this assumption but I believe it has more to do with ignorance. These parents and politicians are not hurting the President, they are hurting their children. These outrages are the very reason why hatred can’t cease to exist because we show our children that its okay. The adults who are protesting with nazi symbols and Adolf hitler posters show their children that its okay to hate someone that you disagree with. Whats evident is that these hateful adults were taught hatred as children and now their passing it down to their kids. When will the madness end? One thing is for sure, these individuals have planted the seeds into thier children and are helping develop the new generation of individuals who have embraced false superiority. Millions of children around the nation will watch their President as he hopes to speak life into them. He will give them advice on how to be successful this school year. I promise he won’t be trying to sell them on the public option. Though many of them are lacking from the greed of the nations insurance companies but he won’t touch on that subject. I promise our President won’t discuss our failing economy. He won’t discuss the war on Afghanistan and how many soldiers he plans to send. He will simply strive to encourage them to become better students. If they become better students they become better citizens. If they become better citizens they will add to our country rather than just take. Wouldn’t you consider that helping the President? I’m not worried about what message the President will send. I’m worried about what impact will the message that is being sent by our parents and politicians as they continue to teach hatred to our nations future leaders.  But its okay, because HOPE will always defeat HATE. And thats Crystal Clear


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