Kanye West, Joe Wilson, President Obama and The Great Stain

Kanye West was wrong. You and I know that was inappropriate. I’m not going to say he was wrong because to me there were a few other videos that I felt killed Taylor Swift’s video. We all have different creative preferences so that can be debated.  How Kanye handled it, we all would agree that it was tasteless. So let’s break it down, what Kanye said can be debated but how and when he said it isn’t up for discussion.  In barbershops and beauty salons all around the country people gave their opinions about Kanye West. Even the President had an opinion, calling Kanye a…donkey.  Was the President wrong? I wouldn’t dare say that. I would say that if President Obama can call Kanye a donkey for how and when he said his statement then why can’t the same go for Joe Wilson. Seriously, I would like to know what the President called Joe Wilson “off the record.” What Joe Wilson said was false as he called President Obama a liar while he discussed that the Health Care Reform would not give Health Care to illegal immigrants. What was even more appalling was how and when he said it.  Some would say that Kaye’s antics were based on his arrogance and some would say that Joe Wilson’s antics were based on racism. I wouldn’t disagree. How the President and America reacted to both of these men doesn’t surprise me. Historically America has castrated Black Men who has stepped out of line and given a free pass to White Men though they commit the same crime. You and I know what has happened to black men who have supposedly disrespected white women. The burning of Black Wall Street occurred because a black man supposedly raped a white woman. The brutal murder of Emit Till because supposedly the young man whistled at a white woman. The list goes on and on. How dare Kanye disrespect this young, pure, innocent white girl? The blogs were filled with hateful messages from people all across this country who wanted to remind Kanye that “niggers” need to stay in their place and not forget that despite how much money they make they will always be inferior. Why doesn’t the world respond like this when we turn on our music video channel and see young black men reciting lyrics that degrade black women? Drake creates a song saying “I wish I could “f” every girl in the World,” and young babies in elementary schools around our country recite them not understanding the consequences of this action. But we don’t get upset with music; we create a dance for it.  No matter how much soap and water we use The Great Stain continues to resurface. I believe in God and I believe that he placed Mr. Obama in that position for a reason. Every week we see this pimple growing and soon it will bust. What is the solution? What will be the oxy clean for this Great Stain? I believe the key to removing this stain will be our babies. It will be a generation who can’t understand racism because they were born into a world where a black man held the most powerful position.


One response to “Kanye West, Joe Wilson, President Obama and The Great Stain

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more.

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