The Look in Her Eyes

This past Friday we held a March 4 Peace Rally here in Cleveland, Ohio. The weather was what we expected it to be, cold and raining and the spirit of the people is what I expected it to be, very strong. It was very touching. It was so touching to see my little brother beside me chanting along with me, “What do we want”: Peace, “When do we want it”: Now. The sight of my brother was one of the reasons that I was filled with so much emotion but there were other moments that still touch my heart today. We marched From East Tech High School to Tri-C which is about a mile in distance but no one seemed to mind. There were three females that had a look in their eyes that took me over the edge that day and I’ll try my best to explain without being so overtaken with emotion that I cannot finish. The look in her eyes was beautiful and inspiring. Her name is Ms. Betty an 81 year old woman who is an avid listener to my show. ( 6am-9am) She said she heard the call and that she wouldn’t miss this march for the world. Ms. Betty was prepared! She had a big comfortable coat, a warm hat, her strong cane, and an even stronger spirit. But the look in her eyes spoke volumes about who she was.  She was a soldier who could careless about the weather or the distance. Just with Ms. Betty’s presence she made a statement. That statement was plain and simple, “I stood then and I stand now despite the odds or the weather.” She understood all too well the hurricane of hate and violence but she would not stop until the warmth of equality touched all of our souls. The look in her eyes showed me that no matter the distance or conditions we must march forward to a brighter day. As we marched a school bus stopped and watched us walk by and a young girl poked her head out of the window. I watched as she mouthed our chants and the look in her eyes was so inspiring. I could tell that this was her first time seeing a march. Her excitement was contageous and it pushed me to chant a little bit louder. The look in her eyes told me thank you. Who knows what she has seen with those young, innocent eyes. I can only imagine the negativity and the pain that those pupils have taken in. But this day those pupils became a pupil and learned what it meant to stand up for what you believe in. The look in her eyes  said thank you. I mean seriously her eyes said thank you to the 200 plus for showing them that there are better things to look at. As the march came to the end and we all gathered into the venue I spotted this young girl looking at me. She was the most beautiful young girl I have ever seen. If you were to see her you couldn’t help but to agree. I could tell that her mother was very intelligent because of the words that the young girl were saying. The look in her eyes spoke volumes. The look in her eyes took me all the way over the edge. As she watched me and the rest of the people come in I could tell she was fascinated. As a baby she is being molded into believing that unity isn’t a foreign concept in our community. This is how its supposed to be. At that moment I watched as the Past, Present, and Future all met in the same room and agreed that they all were important. As the young girl ran up to me and yelled “Daddy.” I realized that this moment was much bigger than I could ever fathom. The look in my daughters eyes reminded me that we must continue to stand up for the sake of the past, present and future.


3 responses to “The Look in Her Eyes

  1. This was wonderful! I am really happy to see, hear and read about you. You are an inspiraton to alot of people Basheer. I have a 18yr old neice who has been inspired by your words. She was astonished that I knew you and said she would like to meet you. I pray that this generation will not only see and hear but will do. Keep up the good work, Basheer.

    Love You
    Angela Lee
    (Lydia’s Mom)

  2. The impact you have made is an inspiration to the people of Cleveland and I believe you ultimately will impact this world. You speak with such profound conviction, that it makes elderly women, young schoolgirls, and adoring babies see and know that this is no time to give up…but to stand up for change. Your humility, grace and fervor in all that you put your hands to will not be in vain. It is however a challenge, an outcry, for partners, warriors, and the sick-and-tired to do something. Something will always be better than nothing. I am ready to take that stand for change as well…it’s much overdue. I truly believe, as many others, that you have been raised up as the MLK Jr., Malcolm X, and Barak Obama for this generation, to be a mighty leader and visionary for the people…and your legacy.

    Peace and love-

    Lori Wells
    (Chef Eric Wells wife)

  3. Basheer, this event was amazing and very inspiring. Just the type of people and events we need for the community thank you for being an inspiration. Check out our Blog entry of the event with a link to some of the pictures we shot there. Thank you for making a change.

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