A Traveler

Yup! Thats all we are, Travelers. Our existence in this dimension isn’t permanent at all. We are here for just a moment. Some moments are longer than others but still they are only moments. Just think about when you go visit a relative or a friend in another city, state, or country. Some of us may stay a little bit longer but eventually we will all go back home. Just a moment. We must ask ourself a very important question: How are we spending these moments? How are we spending these precious seconds,minutes,hours and days? I’m sure with much reflection we would all agree that we could spend it alot better. I’m sure we would all agree that time is much more precious than money but yet and still we hold our dollars with higher regard. We are only travelers in this world. Travelers who will soon be returning home. This is not a guess or assumption it is the absolute fact. Matter of fact everything else is an illusion and that is the absolute reality. If you want to truly feel the presence of GOD and truly be reminded of our purpose let me tell where you have to go. To your surprise its not any religious institution. It’s a place where the journey begins and ends; the hospital. In the hospital you feel this strange closeness to God because here he shows you the beginning and the end and you represent that “dash.” Yeah the “dash.” That dash is everything that we are after birth and before death. I leave you with a question, What are you doing with your dash? Will your dash be something that people can look at once your travels are done here and say “Wow, I have been inspired to be great.”?”Or will your dash be of no use to anyone? We are all travelers and soon we must all go home. We will all go home and have to answer for what we’ve done and didn’t do during our journey. Safe Travels!


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