MisGuided Love

She loves him like he loved her. Cold.

and even though thats her baby thats all she knows.

She loves him like her daddy loved her and I guess he loved her like his daddy loved him.

A vicious cycle. and no one can break it unless someone can teach her what love is and it isn’t.

Love aint hittin, love aint spittin…out curse words, and callin names that would bring shame to families for generations.

Love is patient and its kind, and it takes the time to remind the one who is recieving the love that I am always here.

The sad part is she dont know that she’s not showing love

she believes she is, and who are you to tell her that it ain’t love this is her kid. but she’s just loving the way he loved her and the way she loved him

and its a vicious cycle but it has to be broken in a way where true love is shown because it aint always spoken.

How is it love when your smokin and your baby is choken

giving death before your child has the chance to live.

 and since you love him the way he loved you the way she loved him

then guess what this baby will do when he gets big. 

He will think he’s showing love but in reality its hate in sheeps clothing.

So lets teach this baby real love as he’s growing.

Look him in his eyes that are glowing and sincerely say “I love you.”

and remind him with hugs and affection, no rejection just protection.

God gave him to you, you didn’t have a choice in this selection.

But please don’t love him like he loved you like she loved him.

Lets break this cycle now. How?

By loving him the way you wished you were loved.


One response to “MisGuided Love

  1. Brother Basheer, “Assalamu ‘alaykum”

    I love reading “MisGuided Love”. “Especially the part of: A vicious cycle. And no one can break it unless someone can teach her what love is and it isn’t. Love aint hittin, love aint spittin…out curse words, and callin names that would bring shame to families for generations.” That was too real DaTruuf. My name is Laura Cowan ( Salimah Shabazz). I wanted to thank you for having me on your show back in October honoring Domestic Violence Awareness. I was a guess speaker that morning along with Judge Moore, my A.K.A. sister. I truly appreciated being able to speak out on domestic violence. I wish you could have been there in the courtroom that same day.

    The “Victim to Victory Summit” was amazing and very emotional. All the Municipal Court Judges were there and the message was strong. I would like to encourage you to present and talk more of domestic violence on your radio show. This should not be just an October event, but something that should be talked about 365 days a year. I’m very proud of you Bro. Basheer and the things that you are doing in the community. I saw your calendar in Daves Super Market and bought a dozen of them to pass out amongst my family.

    My son especially (Muhammed) has it hanging in his room. You are a wonderful role model and well needed in our community. Your Leadership speaks for itself. I work for CMHA and our Police Department is piloting a program to assist domestic violence calls which we will be working in conjunction with The Mental Health Crisis Team to assist all DV calls. Over half of CMHA’s blotter calls from the Police Department are DV related. Last week, CMHA Police Department in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University hosted Domestic Violence training for staff which I was able to tell my story about my abuse which made the seminar more real to a lot of our staff who was not aware that I had gone threw such an ordeal.

    IN SHA’ ALLAH, I would like to stay in touch with you and speak again on your radio show. Thank you again my brother for having me as a guest. Basheer, continue inspiring the masses through your gift of poetry. May we meet again soon.
    Your sister in faith,

    Laura Cowan a.k.a Salimah Shabazz


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