Education is the Foundation

All across our country especially in our inner cities the educational system is failing our children. In 2010 we would expect for it to be much better but instead high school dropout rates are at an all time high and as a result poverty and crime are rising.  First Lady Michelle Obama was correct when she stated on my radio program that “We cannot afford to have an educational system that fails our children.” I totally agree!  Cities will continue to suffer from poverty and crime as long as its foundation isn’t based on education. “It is better to build a child than repair an adult.”  One may ask, “What is the function of education?” Well since we are approaching Dr. Martin Luther King’s holiday let’s see what this great man believed to be the function of education.“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically… Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” Simply Powerful! We must not only teach our children how to score high on the state test but also and more importantly on the test called life. According to Dr. King and I agree that the goal of true education is to teach our children to “think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character.” There are plenty of people who are using their intelligence to trick people out of their life’s savings. So I’m not saying that it stops with education but I am saying that it starts there. If we build our children we wouldn’t have to repair so many adults. Recently Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Dr. Eugene Sanders presented his Transformation Plan that will possibly close 18 of its 39 schools. Why? This was the question that was asked by furious community members many with tears in their eyes. They cried as they took these school closings as an attack on future generations. When in reality allowing a school system that graduates close to thirty percent of its students to continue in the same direction is a true attack on our babies. Why? The answer is simple; money, failing schools, money, low enrollment, money, lack of accountability (teachers, parents, community, media), and money. We as a country must do whatever is necessary to ensure that our young are properly educated. Because if we don’t educate and inspire our young to become productive citizens than we are pushing them to become murderers and thieves. Our jails are filled with men and women who in most cases didn’t receive a proper education. In neighborhoods where hope is rarely seen an education provides young people with options. But with all due respect to those community members who spoke in rage towards the CEO we as a community have also failed our young. Studies have shown that 85% of student achievement is not based on the school but rather the homes and communities in which they come from. In order to raise and properly educate our children its going to take a collective effort. It must start in the home but it can’t end there. Every one of us must be held responsible for planting the correct seeds into our young. Even as a media personality I realize that I have a responsibility to push the importance of education and hold the necessary officials accountable for its betterment.  I close with this, instead of us pointing the blame at everyone but ourselves let each person strive to build an educational foundation. Let every politician, community member, parent, media personality, athlete, judge, teacher, and police officer use their influence to make our educational system successful because if not it will be the downfall of our nation, city, community and home.


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