I have to be honest with you, if the election was today I would vote for President Barack Obama. Its something about seeing a family that I can relate to in the White House. Millions of young women around the globe are inspired by the First lady and her daughters. They are inspired because they finally get the opportunity to see a family that they can somewhat relate to. Millions of men are inspired by the mere fact that this man overcame the struggles and beat the odds to become the first African-American President and for that reason alone if today was the election I would check the box that read Barack Obama. But that would be the only reason. My listeners tell me that I should be patient; our President has only been in office for a year. Well that’s enough time for me to see that things are going as planned. I’m not naïve I understand that he made promises without fully understanding that beast that he would be battling. Maybe our President was naïve or telling us what we wanted to here, I pray that it wasn’t the latter. One of the biggest promises that made Americans excited was Universal Healthcare. Crowds upon Crowds of people were moved to tears as they felt that the day was approaching that they would have access to the American dream even though financially they have experienced the American Nightmare. But as we approach the second month of 2010 it seems we have moved very far from the possibility of every American having access to equal Healthcare. The reason we loved President Obama because for a moment he allowed us to dream outside of the box of reality. But now we are back in the box as we painfully realize that at the end of the day the rap group Wu-Tang was absolutely correct; Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies are paying big dollars to ensure that this reform doesn’t take place. The recent evidence of this is the election of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown who is considered to be an anti-reformist.  As you watch the political pundits across all stations they would have you believe that it’s a war between the Republican and Democrats instead of it being war against health disparities and the lack of access for the 48 million uninsured. Every day there is a new pill that is supposed to cure a new ailment but in reality the pharmaceutical companies are just like every other company in that their all about creating and keeping customers not developing cures.  Maybe I’m just upset because for a second President Obama had me believing that change was coming but the fact is change hasn’t come. The one who has the most money is still in control.  It is the same old politics in DC. While the Republicans and Democrats are playing politics millions of Americans are suffering to survive. Ghandi said it best, “We must be the change that we are looking for.”


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