Deja Vu

It took a natural disaster to shed light on a place that for so long was overlooked by the world.  I feel like I’ve seen this movie before and I know how it will end. This is one dream or nightmare that I’ve experienced, this is a Déjà vu moment. What are you talking about Basheer? Doesn’t the Haitians plight remind you of the plight of the people of New Orleans? They are connected in many ways. It would be too easy for me to bring up the fact that both are black that’s pointing out the obvious, but their connected in a much deeper way. Their connected by their history, their connected by their present situation, and only time will tell if their future will correlate. When you study history you will find that the Haitians and the men and women of New Orleans share the same color and in some cases language and religion because of their ancestry.  The immense amount of poverty, lack of education, and the high crime rates that these two groups have been experiencing is absolutely gut wrenching. Lastly, it took a natural disaster to show us how much we were overlooking the atrocities that have existed for far too long in this great nation. A nation that led the only successful slave rebellion and inspired thousands of other slaves to also fight for their freedom deserves much more respect and attention than we have been giving them. But now we have been forced to look deeper much like we had been forced to give our attention to the hurricane of hate and inequality that existed for many years in New Orleans. Of course I am saddened by the earthquake that have taken the lives of thousands upon thousands but my heart cries harder at the fact that we have allowed our Haitian brothers and sisters to suffer for far too long without a truly impactful helping hand. I’m excited about the world coming to the aid of our fellow human beings but I wonder, does every extremely impoverished nation have to suffer through a hurricane or earthquake before we give them the attention that they need and deserve?


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