State of the Union

As President Obama spoke about a range of topics during the state of the union I patiently waited for him to speak upon an issue that if wasn’t addressed would’ve showed me that we have placed the wrong person in office.  Don’t get me wrong Healthcare reform is important, climate control is necessary,  jobs is a must and stopping any threat of terrorism is also very important.  But our countries success must be built upon the foundation of education. President Obama challanged the Supreme Court  about their recent ruling and unfair politics where at the end of the day policies will benefit the pockets of corporations instead of the American people. When President Obama made it clear that True Leadership is not just about saying no because you can I felt he addressed the Republicans in a respectful but stern way.  Then President Obama said what I needed to hear, “The best Anti-Poverty Program is a great educational system.

” Why did this bring me so much joy? Because I live in a city that is  ranked  one of the Worst 5 cities for Urban youth. We were ranked  on poverty, crime, and our 36% graduation rate. I sincerely believe that poverty and crime is the effect of a terrible educational system. If we want to end poverty we must invest greatly   our young people.  For President Obama to make this statement , it gave me hope. If the President wants to make good on his promise for change he must begin with ensuring that our future have the necessary educational tools needed to compete with the world.


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