My Earth

My Earth.  Thats what I affectionately call her, My Earth. I am only a flower that was once a seed that grew from her womb.  She is my Earth. You can only have one Earth just like you can only have one Sun. Without being nurtured in her bosom this seed would’ve become a weed. The transition from a weed to a seed is of no use to the anyone, especially the Earth. For the past couple of days my Earth has been in Intensive Care. This flower that is on its way to become a tree only because of the love and comfort of the Earth has experienced a pain that could never be explained. How could a flower on its way to being a tree possibly exist without the Earth? The pain of existing without one’s earth is a pain that is felt deep in one’s roots.  So I pray that the Creator sends the healing rains to my Earth and revive her to a healthy state, her natural state. I love my Earth because she birthed me, loved and molded me. I love my Earth. I love my Mother.


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