Appreciation The Real Definition


 I hate the hospital smell on my mother’s face but I kiss her anyway. She’s tired. My mother has been battling cancer and because of her chemotherapy it knocked her liver and kidneys to the mat. It didn’t knock them out, their not down for the count but their taking time to stand on their own two. My mother is a soldier. I watch the machine as if I know whats going on but I don’t. Those Grey’s Anatomy episodes did nothing to increase my medical knowledge. I’m trying not to get on the nurses nerves but I want to know the answer to the question that we all ask when we are in the hospital with a loved one, “How is she doing? Is she getting better?.” All praises are due to the Creator that the answers have been “Yes, but its going to take time.” You never apprecitate things fully until they are gone or on the brink of being taken away. I’m not saying my mother is on the brink our Creator only knows that but each moment that I get to spend with her is truly a blessing. Some may ask, “Why would you be sharing such a private moment with the world?” Well, we were all put here to be of benefit to others. We werent created to just exist. The purspose of this blog is to inspire you to be appreciative to the people and circumstances that the Creator has allowed you to experience. I’m the oldest of my mother’s children and believe me I’ve never experienced a greater pain but if through this experience one of you can show a greater appreciation to the Creator, your parents and everyone else then it was worth it. 

It started when I was 6 or 7 years old seeing my mother experience the pain of poverty had an impact on my psyche. It was motivaton for me to go after my goals with ambition and tenacity. Gun shots didn’t move me but the tears of my mother caused this fire to grow deep in my belly and it only grew with time and pain. The pains of watching my mother deal with all the trials that come with poverty turned this spark into raging flames. These raging flames burned away all doubts and fears of failure. I always wanted to show my mother appreciation through material because she never had it. That motivated me to do all that I could to give my mother the house, car, and money that she deserved because I wanted to show her I appreciated her.

 Now with my mother lying in this hospital bed I couldn’t help but to feel this immense amount of sorrow because I felt that I had not shown her the appreciation that she deserved. I felt that I had not followed through on the promises that I had made as a child. I felt that I failed. As I allowed these thoughts to plague my mind and bring my spirit to a place that it was never intended to go my mother asked for some water. I quickly jumped up and fulfilled her request. As she sipped the cool water with a look on her face as if she had walked the Sahara desert twice both of our spirits were then fulfilled. Why? Well obviously for her because she had drunk the water but for me the Creator showed me that what better way can I show appreciation then to take care of my mother during her weakest moments. During my weakest moments as an infant she took care of me by feeding and cleaning me. She was there for me everytime that I called or cried depending on your perspective. My whole life I believed that buying her a ton of things would show her that I loved and appreciated her. Making sure that she never had the stress of bills ever again was always my priority. (and still is) But as I sit with my mother at her bedside I finally realize that the greatest way to show my mother and for you to show your mother how much you love her is by always being there for her when she needs you. You don’t have to have millions of dollars, homes, and cars because the love that you show your mother is absolutely priceless. If you show your mother love that is the greatest form of appreciation. Please keep my mother and all mothers in your prayers.


7 responses to “Appreciation The Real Definition

  1. I love this post. Ummi is such a beautiful person and I hate to hear about her going through this. Know that my family and I love you and we are keeping you all in our prayers. Continue to be the great son that you are and show her as much appreciation that you can. Its the little things such as getting her water that mean soooo much!

    Love you,
    La La Bonita 🙂

  2. Wow, Brasheer. I know what this feels like, too, from start to finish. My mother was also a victim of cyclical poverty, though I am not entirely sure if her tears affected me the same way. I do know this–there is no truer way to show love for another person than by being for them at their weakest moment. All of the people I call friend have been down for me when I had trouble seeing over the high walls of despair. And of all of my friends, my greatest is surely my mother.

    I am poor in monetary things, but so much wealthier where it truly matters and the Creator is my witness.

  3. Basheer, I keep you and your family in my prayers and I thank you for sharing what is so dear to you. I am the oldest daughter and when I see my mom or dad in pain it breaks me down. It’s a feeling of helplessness that gets me the most. I wish I could do more or I wish I would have done more. You have to be strong and know that the Creator has it ALL under control.

    On another note, it was poverty that caused me to sit on my broken down bed listening to the rumblings of a mouse in my closet. I cried all while praying and vowing to never ever live like that when I got grown and to show my children a better life. It was poverty that drove me to complete two college degrees. It was poverty that caused me to both create and implement a plan to break the cycle of poverty with my children.

    The crazy part though is I fear that the same drive that got me and many of us out of poverty is lacking in my own children.

    I guess like with everything else I pray that they get the points I try to convey. I think they do(smile)

    We listen to the show every morning as I take them to school and my daughter who is a freshman at John Hay notices that you say many of the same things I tell them daily. Education is the key to end poverty. She says “mommy he say that everyday just like you”. I smile and say “baby, it’s because it is the truth”.

    I want to say now that I appreciate you and your efforts at trying to make us ALL a better people.

    Peace and many many blessings to you and your family!!!!!


  4. Kimberly V. Taylor

    I will keep your family in my prayers.

    Kimberly V. Taylor
    Young Men With A Purpose

  5. Kimberly V. Taylor

    I will keep your mother in my prayers.

    Kimberly V. Taylor
    Young Men With A Purpose

  6. Basheer, just want to reinforce that we are still keeping your entire family in prayer! Thank you for keeping us informed about these precious times with your mother!

  7. Sister Khalilah

    as salaamu alaikum Basheer…I wonder if you remember me. I lived in the apartment building next to the mosque on Hayden with my children, Kariyma and Salih. You and Salih were very good friends way back then.The both of you gave TISO Admin a run for the money. LOL. I watched you grow up. It was not until recently that I found out about your achievements. I am so very proud of you. I know that Salih would be as well. I will be sure to tell him.

    I truly know about your love for your Umm. I have seen it. You are so real that it hurts. I will make dua for Imani – I will ask my children and grandchildren to make dua as well. I have always loved you and your family. Please know that our Creator certainly knows better than we do, the why of everything, as He is the one who created us the first time and it is to Him Alone that we must return. I love you boy.

    Sister Khalilah Umm Saalih
    (from Hayden in Cleveland – now a resident of Pittsburgh PA )

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