Closing Schools but Opening up Opportunities

If the school I graduated from was being closed I would be highly upset. I would make phone calls and send emails to the alumni of the institution encouraging them to protest and write letters to the C.E.O. of the school district demanding that our school remains open.  I would call the parents and call their attention to the number of jails being built for their sons and daughters and ask the question, “Will you just sit by and allow your child’s education to be disregarded?” Of course their reply will be emphatically, “NO.” I would have thousands of teachers, parents and students marching for one agenda and that is to ensure that our childrens education is not disregarded by keeping the schools open. But then something would hit me as I marched and screamed slogans that sounded like I truly cared about the future of our nation. A question would pop up, not in my mind but my heart. First, I would place a magnifying glass to my intentions by posing the question, “Am I protesting for my past or their future?” Am I protesting to keep a legacy alive that has honestly been in a coma for years or am I protesting to birth a new one?  Am I protesting to keep things the way they are because I am afraid of change or am I protesting for change because I’m sick of things the way they are? Cleveland has a graduation rate in the 30 percentile. The other day I attended a middle school graduation and 10 eighth graders were promoted. Hundreds of our young people are entering our schools but few are turning their tassels. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” If you are going to protest for anything protest to keep teachers not based on seniority but based on the impact that they are having on our young people. If your going to protest lets protest to educate our children not based on if they pass a single test but educate them on how to pass the test called life. The facts are clear, low enrollment, low graduation rates, low parent involvement, but were sending more of our young people to jail, day by day more teachers are losing the passion to teach, more parents are sending their children to charter schools, more bills, more violence and the list goes on and on. I’m not saying that the Transformation plan will solve all of our problems but atleast it is a step in a new direction, a step toward sanity. I’m not saying that the community shouldn’t protest to be involved in some sort of decision making but if your going to be mad at anything be upset with the direction that our city is going in. I don’t plan to sit back and see if the plan will work, I plan to make sure it does. Why? Because our future depends on it. I don’t mind schools being closed as long as opportunities for our young people open up.


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