It couldve been prevented!

They saw it coming but greed haulted them from doing anything about it. For sometime now people told them that if the problem is not addressed they would be full of regrets.  But they were too non chalant about other things that couldn’t match the value of this tool that pumped out one of the richest resources that this earth can produce. Because of our arrogance, greed and inability to understand the importance of the future we settled for short term gain and now we have to deal with generations of pain.

Everyday we lose this precious substance into the ocean of hopelessness and despair. And don’t dare think that it will just float away, no it will haunt us like unfulfilled ghosts spreading its toxic touch to all. I’m not referring to what happened in the gulf of Mexico and the rich resource that I’m referring to is not oil. To be honest what were losing is much richer than that. The faulty equipment are teachers who have loss their passion, old school buildings that resemble more of a factory than a place of learning, curriculums that focus more on passing a standardized test then building productive citizens.

The most priceless resource we have is our young people and they are floating away. If we give them the attention they deserve they could be the fuel  that we need to take our nation and world to a higher place, but if we continue to use “faulty equipment” they will spread the toxic fumes of poverty, crime, and hopelessness to all in their path. Everyday we are losing our resources and until we put things in its proper place of importance we’ll continue to have young people who resemble toxic fumes instead of fuel. Lets get rid of the “faulty equipment” and by doing so we won’t have to continue to pay the cost with our money and lives.


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