I’m Jealous

I’m Jealous. I don’t get jealous a lot but I have to admit that I AM JEALOUS. Look, my goal in life is not to have the most money, best cars, and most expensive clothes so my jealousy doesn’t stem from some hidden desire to be wealthy. I don’t get angry while watching MTV cribs if anything it inspires me to see that people’s dreams have come into fruition. But there is one show that I watch that brings this anger out of me. The sad part about it is that I know its impact on me but I’m still a loyal viewer. I observe the characters with resentment and bitterness wishing that I had it as good as them. What channel you may ask? Animal Planet! That’s right I watch Animal Planet faithfully and I am jealous of the relationship between the grizzly mother bear and her cubs. Why? Because it seems that we are the only species that are not preparing our young. The mother bear will do whatever is necessary to ensure the survival of her young. She teaches them what to eat and what not to eat, which plants and animals will bring them harm and she doesn’t leave them until they are fully prepared. The mother bear will put her life on the line if needs be to protect her babies even from male grizzly bears. I’m jealous of that type of love. I live in a city that resembles the male grizzly bear. Even though the cubs came from the seed of the male grizzly bear if hungry he will eat them. In our city there are some elders who are on the prowl to eat their young just like the father bear. The difference between some of our elders and the father bear is that as humans we are hungry for power. The mother bear is very wise in understanding that true power is in developing and preparing our young. I have a question to my elders, “How will we survive if we are eating our young?” The mother bear gets it! She gets it! She understands that it isn’t about her; it is about the survival of her species! Powerful! When we can embrace and apply the wisdom of the mother bear to our lives then we won’t feel threatened by a bright young man or woman. We will be encouraged to see that our future is going in the right direction. But because of our love and hunger for power we are willing destroy ourselves. Let us be like the mother bear and prepare our young to survive in a world that is banking on its failure, a world that benefit from oppression and pain. Let’s prepare our young with the tools that they need so that one day they can become an adult with the correct understanding of succession planning. As a city we must do all that we can to prepare and inspire our young because they are the only key to our survival. Please help in this task because I’m tired of being jealous of the mother bears love for her cubs.


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