23 is Gone but Hope Remains

Lebron James is gone! The Chosen One has left us! The King has abandoned his throne! These are the statements that I heard as I got off the plane after returning  from our Nations capital. Tears filled the eyes of Clevelanders as they expressed their complete dissatisfaction with No. 23’s choice.  My heart filled with sorrow not because of his choice but how his choice affected so many people. Don’t get me wrong I’m a cavaliers fan but during Lebron’s years of playing Cleveland graduation rates didn’t rise, and poverty and crime didn’t decrease. The most important thing to me is taking Cleveland to the next level and ensuring that our young people win the championship in their lives.  I would love to see the cavaliers bring home the trophy but that is of little importance to me when so many young people are losing their lives to violence. Cleveland breeds champions! The struggle of growing up in Cleveland prepares any individual to overcome any obstacle that steps in their path. Lets work harder on building champions in our high schools and anything else will be a cherry on the cake.


2 responses to “23 is Gone but Hope Remains

  1. That statement is so true. How can a whole city depend on one man to bring them greatness? There is greatness inside of all of us, we have to choose to unlock this greatness and use it to rebuild ourselves as well as CLEVELAND!!!!!

  2. Clifford Powell

    Brother Jones, you are absolutley right. You have put my thoughts into words. Everyone knows that we are huge fans of our sports in Cleveland. Even though a Browns loss seems to emotionally affect our entire week, or when a so-called King decides to take his talents to South Beach seems to feel like the demise of the city, we as Clevelanders need to jump back into reality a continue to focus on the real issues that our city faces each day.

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