Thank You Radio-One

What would my mother say? She would say, “Basheer, everything happens for a reason. Have faith the Creator has been and will always be in control.” I miss my mother. I lost her physical presence in February but her spirit speaks to me everyday and reminds me of my purpose. Respect and love your mother because you have no idea when and how she will leave this earth. Everything that I am is because of her and she played a big role in me returning to Cleveland and taking the job with Radio-One. My intentions was to return to Cleveland and bring a sense of consciousness to the radio airwaves. I was tired of traveling to schools and realizing while talking to our young people that they were being heavily influenced by what they hear on the radio. I figured, “what if I can bring a balance by offering a positive repetitive message?” That was the mission! I want you all to know that my goal was not only achieved but we accomplished things that I never imagined. Whether it was interviewing President Obama or President Clinton, Gill Scott Heron or Bootsie Collins, Dr. Cornell West or Tavis Smiley or local activist who were frustrated with being discriminated against and wanted to be heard or a young girl who wanted us to know that suicide was no longer an option our intention to bring change through the airwaves was accomplished. My mother was so pleased and proud of our efforts and everyday she would call me to remind me that this mission was much bigger than me. I want to thank Radio-One for the opportunity to Please God, my Mother, and my community. I thank Radio-One for the opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air to a city that is drowning in poverty and crime. I thank Radio-One for allowing me to bring a balance to the stereotypes against black males, muslims, young people, Clevelanders, Morehouse, inner city, Alpha’s, and every other group that  I speak on behalf of. Through Radio lives were changed for the better, perspectives were altered, people were educated, movements were birthed, people were inspired, and my mother transitioned being proud of me for speaking up for the voiceless. What else can I ask for? Radio-One thank you so much for the opportunity. But I have to be clear Radio-One before I became a Radio Show host I was a community activist, while I was a Radio show host I was a community activist and long after I will be a community activist. A community activist to the community is what white blood cells is for the body, attacking any foreign enemy. As a community activist Radio-One there is no way I can sit aside and allow the poison to infiltrate the minds of our young people without resistance. Anyone who listened to me regularly knew that I was indigestion and that I would constantly critcize our inability to support local artists, music that does more to discourage than encourage, and more focus on the dollar than the betterment of our community. In closing, I want to thank you all for your love and support and believe me we will not allow an ant to stop this locomotion. Once again thank you Radio-One.


3 responses to “Thank You Radio-One

  1. I will miss Basheer’s voice in the Moring, his perspective and encouragement , help me keep my perspective and positiveness throughout the day.

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