Do we all have to leave to become champions?

We all agree that how lebron left was messed up. I was getting off a plane from DC and people were literally crying because of “The Decision.” I took it upon myself to travel to Cleveland Schools and remind our young people that while Lebron wore the cavaliers jersey our graduation rates didn’t increase and crime rates didn’t decrease. The people who truly were impacted were the businessman that financially capitalized off of a packed Quicken Loans Arena. We just enjoyed winning. Whats the point of winning on the court, when we continue to lose in courts across the country as young men are being sent to jails in record numbers. One thing is for sure and that is Lebron left to become a champion and I wish him well. This isn’t about Lebron but it is about Cleveland. What is it about our city that makes young people search for championships elsewhere? We all want to be champions! None of us i’m sure enjoy being in last place but it seems its a spirit in our city that almost encourages it. Don’t get me wrong I can sit here and name a number of people who truly care about the well being of our city but I am beginning to wonder if we are really striving to prepare for the future. If there are no opportunities for those who represent the future of our city must we all leave like lebron and become champions elsewhere or remain and be hated in our own city?

 Excuse my boldness but I have begun to question the leadership of my beloved city. I can’t understand how our school district can suffer the way it has for over 20 years unless someone is benefitting from it. How can a city with so much national political power and environmental potential year after year be at the bottom of the list for everything except dropout rates and crime? How and why do we continue to fall behind? I believe the answer is clear! The fact is that our young people who are the lebrons of medicine, the lebrons of media, and engineering, and every other field that could enhance our city are leaving in search of championships elsewhere. There will come a time very soon where the “leaders” of our city will have to taste the bitter fruit of the seeds that they did not plant while they were in pursuit of present power they forgot about the inevitable future.

 If you don’t want the up and coming lebrons of your city to leave stop placing barriers in front of them in hopes of keeping your positions because your not only stifling our city but more importantly our future. Its clear that somebody is benefitting from our misery and to be honest some of them look just like me. I won’t let the media trick me into believing that others who look or pray differently than me are my enemies and you shouldn’t either. To all of my young people let me tell you that you will not be asked to the table but you must demand your seat! Not for the sake of power but that it will give you the ability to empower future generations! You all deserve to be champions but sometimes  its sad to say that your own home won’t respect you until you become one. So if you need to make “The Decision” to go and win a championship then do it knowing that your only a true champion when you have come back to uplift those who you have left behind.


3 responses to “Do we all have to leave to become champions?

  1. Bro:
    Love your work and your “brand”, but I counted a half-dozen grammatical errors in your first few sentences. I’ve been a ghost-writer and copy editor for years. Let me know if I can help you deliver a crisp message worthy of your passion and intelligence.

  2. I found this post from Eighty81, but I decided to post my comment here. I agree with you. I think that the corruption on the local and state levels is seriously holding Cleveland back. The city has so much potential that has been squandered due to decades of incompetence and greed. And no, I’m not blaming all of our leaders (I just had to put that out there).

    One of the commentors on Eighty81 made me think of something in particular. They basically said that as a young black professional, it’s hard for them to advance professionally in the area. I’ve noticed that within the past decade, there has been a big push to make Cleveland appeal to young professionals. But I feel that many of these efforts forget about minorities.

    IMO, it’s sad that a city that’s over half black (with sizable Latino and Asian populations) is lacking in a strong, visible community of young minority professionals. I’m in my early twenties and when I do attend professional events for minorities, there aren’t many people around my age. What am I supposed to do? Hit up the club to connect with my peers? But wait…most people aren’t trying to network for “business purposes” then. There needs to be something like Society of Urban Professionals for twenty-somethings. Activities where people can have fun and chill, but there’s still a legitimate networking element.

    I was going to write more but I didn’t want to ramble on and write a book, LOL.

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