I know this title isn’t gramatically correct but do you understand my point? I’ve never been a great gramatical writer, ever! I’ve always had an issue with constraints and being put into a box. Ever since I was in elementary school my english teachers would always say “Basheer you are a great writer. Your words are truly moving but the sentence structure is all wrong! Run on sentences, misplaced punctuation, wrong use of tense, blah blah blah.” As you can see I never listened, lol. Now your probably thinking, “How in the world did you get through college with not being able to write correctly.” I got help from people who were much better writers than me. They edited my work but never the message. People would tell me, “Basheer if you want to be picked up by National media you have to become a better writer.” But to be honest, if I am writing only to be picked up by CNN or MSNBC then I have lost my focus. I write to give you a different perspective and I truly pray that it inspires you to B U. Whether I’m on tv or not is not my goal. My goal is to leave the type of legacy that even when I am dead and gone I would be very much alive.

B U! I know thats not gramatically correct but do you understand my point? Now I’m not encouraging you or your children to not write correctly but what I am saying is do not allow the world to put you in a box. Do not allow the world to dictate who you will become. Don’t allow others to stifle your creativity! Every last one of your opinions matter, even if it differs from mines. Your words may inspire someone to become a better them. Your perspective may bring life to someone who is considering death. Don’t allow the world to trick you into believing that your voice is irrelevant because its not. Each voice is unique and important!  B U! Your not good at being anyone else but you. People will have their own expectations but what do you expect from you? No matter what your race, religion, or socioeconomic status you must determine your own destiny! You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul. I never second guess my writing. Maybe I should take the time and re read my work but I don’t write from my mind, I write from my heart. I write when I am inspired. I understand that Inspiration comes from the creator so I would never second guess what he wants me to say. Most of the time my eyes are closed as I write like Ray Charles played the piano. Not because i’m blind but because my vision is based on my spirit and not my eyes. Its crazy right? But thats me.

I need all the help I can get because I’m far from where I want to be. B U may not be gramatically correct but I hope that you get the point and not focus too much on the gramatics because thats all I truly care about.


4 responses to “B U

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  2. I love it !

  3. That’s even inspiring to me at my age. Life is what you make it not what other people want it too be…. Keep on speaking just as the spirit lead and guide you.
    Love always

  4. @Hard_Knock_Lif3

    I respect it 100% brotha

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