Power of the People

As I watch whats going on in Egypt a range of emotions flows throughout my body. One of those emotions is sadness. I’m sad to see a land that has so much rich historybe destroyed by internal conflict. But we know that this issue has occured throughout the history of mankind. Im also inspired by the people of Egypt. As I look at the courage of my ancestors and the courage of the people of Egypt as they fight for their freedom I have realized that my generation are some chumps. We fight and kill each other but we won’t stand up for what we believe in. The last movement we had was the Black Power Movement but I’m not talking about blacks. I’m talking about a generation! Where is our movement? Some would say the election of President Obama belonged to us as a generation. I wouldn’t argue that point but what I would say is that we fought for change not just a black president. That momentun ended once he took the Presidential oath. One thing about our ancestors is that they weren’t afraid to die for what they believed in. We’ll kill but we afraid to die. Thats the different between a thug and a revolutionary.

All around the world young people who are tired of their corrupt governments are protesting, fighting, and putting their lives on the line for change. There is power in the people! But everyone is so busy being a finger that we don’t collaborate to become a fist. I mean don’t get me wrong if you poke somebody in the eye that will hurt but a fist can knock you clean out. The reason our communities are called “hoods” because we don’t have no relationships with our neighbors. Every body is so worried about themselves and because of that as a community we are powerless.

 I admire the people of Egypt. President Mubarak says he’s not going to leave until his term is finished but when the people are unified their desires will be achieved.


2 responses to “Power of the People

  1. How do we get mobilized brother? What are our issues?

  2. @Hard_Knock_Lif3

    I believe that one of our issues is the institutional racism in our criminal justice system. The affects of the war on drugs dating back as far as when Nixon was in office still have an affect on African American Males. There is no reason that African Americans should make up 3% of Lawyers, 15% of policeman, 18% of detectives, 30% of security guards, and 40% of the prison inmates. There is something wrong with this picture.

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