My Block

A house in the hood is not the worst place to live! A house with no love is the worst place to live! As I look back on my life I realized that the love I recieved in my house was more powerful than the hate I recieved outside of my house. My mother was so loving and she had very high expectations of me and my siblings.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a challenge for us to be homeless and live in shelters across the city. It was a challenge to go to sleep some nights hungry and to wake up excited about eating breakfast at school. I could go on and on and on about the challenges of living in an impoverished neighborhood, from the crime to the drugs. But as I look back on my life, I have many more good memories than bad. Living in an impoverished community is tough but living in a home without love is unbearable.

If your from where I’m from your going to be able to relate to these memories and i’m sure you can add some of your own.  I remember the unity that existed on every street that I lived on. When my mother would leave for her second job I could vividly remember other families feeding us and making sure that we had what we needed. I hear people say that the village is no longer around but I disagree. The reason I disagree is because if it wasn’t for the “village” I wouldn’t be here. 

 Of course I can tell you about the sound of gun shots but there was a sweeter sound that existed in my community; the ice cream truck!!!  The ice cream man had a unique abilitiy to make any day seem brighter. I don’t care if our lights was turned off, while we ate that ice cream we were in heaven!

I remember the 1st of the month! We couldn’t wait to go to the store and buy our favorite cereals, granola bars, and everything else that brought comfort to our bellies and hearts. I always wondered why blacks seem to be susceptible to every ailment known to man and now I know! Because were stressed out! When you are stressed it has an effect on your immune system. When you don’t have a job, no money, racism, can’t pay your bills you become very angry with life. If you’ve delt with this reality then you know exactly what I’m talking about. This is why our young people think that money is the key to happiness. Its a vicious cycle! So the first of the month was like a holiday,lol. I’m serious.

This may sound crazy but I had alot of fun! I didn’t know how dangerous my community was because I was in it. Don’t get me wrong I knew where I could travel and where I couldn’t travel, I wasn’t crazy. Now that I’m older I’m thankful to the “village” for exposing me to a world outside of my community, because I didn’t know that I was constricted. We were never bored! Whether it was basketball, football, soccer (yeah we played that on St. Clair) or just dreaming about a better life. Sometimes I feel I had more fun then than I do now. It was a great experience and it prepared me for where I am today! The struggle prepared me for a world that is much colder than my community. Much colder!

A house in the hood is a tough place to live but a house with no love is unbearable. I don’t care if you live in the hood or the suburbs, if there is no love then the hate will birth monsters of all races, religions, and ethnicities. If we increase the love within our homes then we won’t have to worry about the hate outside of our homes.


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