Dear CNN

Good Evening Sir! I pray this message reaches you in great spirits and health. As I sit and watch John King on CNN discuss the upcoming Peter King hearing about the “radicalization of Islam,” I can’t help but to be disappointed about how Islam is being portrayed. The majority of Muslims in the United States are African-Americans, but you would never know this fact by watching television.  There is a one-sided view of the Islamic community in our country.  Either they hate America or their overly patriotic to the point where they degrade the religion that they claim they follow. Where is the balance? Where are the Muslims who love Islam and at the same time want the best for America?  I’m telling you that we are here but our voice must be heard. If your searching for balance there is no way that you can converse about Islam in America without including African-Americans. I implore you to include African-Americans, White-Americans, and Latino-American Muslims in the discussion and you will find that we love America and want the best for our country but we will never give up this way of life called Islam. Thank you for your time.


One response to “Dear CNN

  1. Shondor Thomas

    I pray that the individuals who are potraying Islam get the memo soon. It is unfortunate that they are misrepresenting and inadequately portraying the numerous Muslims in America. The MASS MEDIA MALNUTRITIONING can only go so far before it erupts like a powder keg from misrepresenting the wrong group. Although I am not Muslim, Islam is the wrong group to misrepresent. I am not anti-semitic, but they would not misrepresent a Jew.

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