Guess who’s Bazzaaak!

Whats going on family!!!! Peace to you all! Excuse my tardiness I recently took on a new job as the Regional Field Director for President Obama Campaign in Cleveland, OH. I know right! Thats big! All praises is due to the Creator. Its crazy because my intentions was to move back down to Atlanta but the Creator didn’t have that for me. Sometimes I feel like I love Cleveland more than I should. Its like a bad little kid who just needs love and to be reminded that their wanted. I feel like its my responsibility. Yeah its stressful but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If not me then who? I wear two bands on my left hand at all times. One is a pink band for my deceased mother who passed from breast cancer and the black band says Defend Cleveland. It was given to me by a Councilman years ago and I never took it off and more importantly never forgot the message. This new job has been challenging and very rewarding! But to be honest I never realized how powerless we feel as a community until I stepped into this position. Every last one of us has the power to change our situation but everyone doesn’t believe that. It hurts me to see that! It hurts me figuratively and literally. Doctor said that my chest pains are from anxiety and stress. I take my purpose seriously! Doctor said that I’m really taking it to the heart and thats not good. Im fighting for President Obama to get back into office but more importantly I want the people in my community to feel empowered, to feel like they have the power to bring about change if they only believe and act. Tough right? But we can’t stop. My sister Tropikana and a few others have begun The Pro-Life Movement. That sounds like an abortion issue right? Its not but I guess it kinda is. Our future, our youth are aborting themselves with street violence and we have decided that we can no longer sit aside and watch it happen. Not without doing anything drastic about it. So we have decided to do a couple of things. We will be traveling to communities across the City of Cleveland and speaking to the young people about their needs and what can we do to bring some of this violence to a hault. Secondly, we are creating safe spaces. We are asking businesses and community centers to stay open on Friday Nights from 9-11:30 and provide a place where young people can come for safety and fun and get out of the streets. Every day is a battle but were going to continue to fight no matter what. Thats what we were put here to do. I love you all! Stay strong, positive and sincere. Keep fighting!


2 responses to “Guess who’s Bazzaaak!

  1. Dear Brother Basheer you are a tremendous inspiration to all who have met you and for future generations on their way. You are a servant of the Creator who is transforming the lives of people in Cleveland, Atlanta, New York and worldwide. We do have to battle against hopelessness and despair, which destroys us because it makes us quit before we try. The eyes and ears may deceive us but the heart never lies. Keep sharing your love because I feel it in mine.

  2. Dabney K Conwell

    Welcome Back Basheer! I am glad that our journies have crossed. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

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