Give Credit to where its Due! Appreciate it Lil Wayne


You had a lot of dreams that transformed to visions

The fact that you saw
the world affected all your decisions

But it wasn’t your

Wasn’t in your

To be the one here
talking to me

Be the one listenin’

But I admire your
popping bottles and dippin’

Just as much as you
admire bartending and stripping

Baby, so don’t be mad

Nobody else tripping

You see a lot of
crooks and the crooks still crook


See You had a lot of crooks try to steal your heart

Never really had
luck, couldn’t ever figure out

How to love

How to love


See you had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever

Now you in this
corner tryna put it together

How to love

How to love



See I just want you
to know

That you deserve the

You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful



And I want you to know, you’re far from the usual

Far from the usual


As a community activist I never shirked from criticizing Lil
Wayne’s lyrics and lifestyle. As I travel to schools and juvenile detention
centers across the country the impact that this young brother has is growing it
seems with each visit. Let me say this before I continue, I could never
discredit his work ethic. It’s astounding to me when I hear people complaining
about rappers but they’re not doing anything to combat the negative impact it’s
having on our world. If you’re not doing your fair share then you have no right
to complain about anyone else.  I would
be lying if I told you that I thought that LiL Wayne wasn’t one of the best. I
believe he is an amazing talent with the potential to do what Pac started to do
and that’s bring the people together. The only thing is Pac had something that Lil
Wayne is lacking and that’s consciousness, or so I thought.  After recently listening to Lil Wayne’s new
song “How to love,” I said to myself I wouldn’t be a true man unless I gave
credit to where it is due. Many of us complain about rappers when they spit
nonsense, but we don’t say thank you when they spit something that could
positively change someone’s life.

This song made me
think of Tupac’s “Brenda Got a Baby,” and to be honest with you as one of the
biggest Tupac fan’s this song “How to Love” is better to me. “How to Love” is a
song that comes from the male perspective which many of young ladies are
missing in their homes. “Your beautiful, and I want you to know, you’re far
from the usual.” How many of our young ladies are being told that their
beautiful without any hidden motives? Not many! So they go to the streets and
search for the love that they should’ve received from their fathers. In the
video Lil Wayne shows the destruction that can occur without the protection of
your parents. The young girl becomes a stripper, then a prostitute and winds up
contracting HIV because of the unhealthy lifestyle that she was living. But
then the video rewinds and shows the mother being a better example and teaching
her baby “How to Love” and a result of her teaching resulted in this princess
graduating from college.


As I listened to Lil Wayne’s song I was inspired to change
my perspective. Lil Wayne inspired me!! This song made me re-realize that no
matter what Lil Wayne or any rapper writes and performs the parents still have
the greatest impact on their children’s lives. How can I be upset with these
musicians, actors, and sports players and not place no blame on the one who
birthed them? I urge all parents to teach your children “How to Love” because
if not your babies will go search for what they think is love but in reality it
is hatred in sheep clothing. Appreciate you Lil Wayne for uplifting our daughters. A real man gives credit when credit is due.


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