Destroying our Babies under our noses!

Everyday im confronted with the harsh reality that our “rehabilitation” system isn’t doing much rehabilitation. Is the plan to truly save our youth or create lifelong criminals? Sadly, I believe it’s the latter. We’ve been oppressed so much that we oppress ourselves with thoughts like, “hey maybe if black and brown people weren’t so dangerous we wouldn’t be racially profiled, beat up, locked up, and killed.” We give them our consent to be mistreated. Why is it that when one black/brown person does something wrong all of us are blamed? But when a white child does something wrong the whole race isn’t condemned? There’s no room for debate on whether or not this is a issue, statistics proves that racism has gone far beyond hateful words and now exists in the policies through out America.

Here in Ohio we have a major issue that needs to be confronted and defeated. In a Ohio a juvenile can waive their right to counsel without ever speaking to an attorney or understanding the consequences. Everyday our young people are waiving their right to counsel and are either being convicted of crimes they didn’t commit or taking plea deals and receiving felonies not understanding the long term effects that it will have on their lives. We must fight on behalf of our young people and be their voices. I’m asking that you support Juvenile Rule 3!

Under juvenile rule 3 youth will only be able to counsel if
-they have consulted with an attorney.
-the waiver is made knowingly and intelligently after given detailed instructions by the judge in writing and on the record.

The Ohio Supreme Court is accepting written public comments on the rule until Nov 22, 2011. If we don’t let them know that we support Juvenile Rule 3 then the future of our young people will be destroyed. Please email Jo Ellen Cline, Government Relations Counsel at
Even if your from out of town I beg you to join this fight! Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Please email your support for Juvenile Rule 3 that will make sure our young people consult with an attorney before any decision. Be the voice of the voiceless.



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