Emilliano Terry and Basheer Jones. Similar Circumstances but Different Fates

Are our stories totally similar? Not at all! But I can relate to the poverty and neglect that Emilliano suffered from. But I want to take the time to highlight the key differences of our fates. Who is Emilliano Terry? Recently here in Cleveland, Oh a young 3 yr old baby boy went missing. Community activists and Law enforcement officers searched for this baby only to find that he was killed, put into a garbage bag and thrown in the trash. All the facts have not been introduced to the public but the finger is being pointed to the mother. If you don’t mind for a moment I would like to present my thoughts as if she is guilty of murdering her son. Naturally there is something that God places in the spirit of the mother that connects her to her children. Even if you watch animals you would see the most ferocious of them being tender with their young and willing to put their lives on the line to protect them. This is a natural instinct that God places in all of his creatures. Why? Because the future of your species depends on them. When a mother or a father neglects their young this is a unnatural act. The spirit is dead! Emilliano was neglected by both of his parents and the result of this unnatural state was a horrible death. But the fact is this baby was treated like garbage long before he was placed in the can.

My mother never neglected me, she gave my siblings and I her all until the very last day of her life. My mother passed away from Breast Cancer at the age of42 three years ago. I miss her dearly. Im sure my mother wouldve been able to relate the mother of Emilliano. I’m sure many mothers from an impoverished community can. Having to raise her children on her own, poverty, depression are issues that many women of our community fight through everyday.

I can’t relate to the hate or neglect of a mother but I can from my biological father. I’m going to be honest the only father that I have ever known is Mr. Timothy Roberts. My biological father has never been in my life. The things i’m about to say will seem strange, unbelieveable and unnatural but those who are aware of my situation know it to be the truth. Not only has my father not been in my life I would go a step further and say that he has always hated me. Recently, the mother of my biological father read my book “Ill Speak for Change” and read a few poems discussing my absentee father and became very upset. Its amazing that they would be upset about me discussing my reality but not be as upset with the fact that I have had to live with this reality for my whole life. Long story short and short story shorter he was so angry he went on to say that my mother was pregnant with me before he married her and that I was not his son. He has vowed that he will try to destroy my career and tarnish my image. What do I say to that? Mr. Anthony Jones you can never destroy what you never built! Your claim that I am not your real son finally explains why you have always been absent. But shouldn’t we uplift children even if their not ours? Thats what Mr. Roberts did for me.

When parents neglect their God given responsibility it is a sign that their spirit is dead and that they are living an Unnatural life. Some times we become worse than the animals. It was a blessing that I had a wonderful mother, a father figure in Mr. Timothy Roberts, a grandfather that was my superhero, a spiritual community, great siblings. But Emilliano never had a chance! He never had a fighting chance! No One around him fulfilled their duty to God. The self-hatred of Emilliano’s mother killed her baby and the self- hatred of my biological father will end up destroying him. I will live for Emilliano by making sure that my children always know that I love them and I will never kill them with the lack of love. I will live for them and die for them if need be. This is for you Emilliano! This is for you!


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