Django; Is the D silent for Distasteful or Determined?

” The movie Django is Terrible.” “Every African-American should be appalled at how our ancestors are depicted!” “Why does he have to use Nigger so much?” “Jamie Foxx is a sell out!” etc, etc, etc. Instead of listening to all of the critics I decided to watch the movie for myself. To be honest I entered the movie with a bias opinion. “How could Hollywood allow such a movie to be created?” Sitting in my seat with my arms crossed I began to watch the movie anticipating to be disgusted but actually the opposite happened. I saw a movie that finally depicted our ancestors (black and white) as the heroes they were. My Morehouse Brother Director Spike Lee believes that it disrespects our ancestors but I disagree for a few reasons and I’ll explain each one.

Slavery isnt a made up story. The brutality that we witnessed in the movie is only a fraction of what our ancestors had to endure. Castration was a reality! What is Castration? When the slave owner would cut the genitals off of the black man. Why? Jealousy! Deep Jealousy! The goal was to cut off future generations. This was a reality. Tarentino didn’t make it up. Mandingo Fighting was a reality. There is nothing in the movie Django that was sensationalized! This was our ancestors reality! Being whipped, castrated, raped, burned, and the worst of all tricked into believing that God created them (us) to be inferior. Tarentino didn’t make  it up but he exposed it. Let me say that I respect Spike Lee and if anyone can be critical of movies its him but I think if he saw it (which one day I’m sure he will) he would look at it in a different way.

I can understand everyone’s anger about how many times the word Nigger was used in the movie. But once again that was our ancestors reality. Thats what we were called so much so that we call ourselves that today. I recently heard a rapper being offended about this movie and I thought, out of anyone you are in no place to criticize anything when your music is in actuality the effect of slavery. You use the word more than the KKK. I respect Spike Lee’s opinion but not theirs. Tarentino didn’t make that up! That was our reality and the effects remain with us till this day.

I appreciate the relationship between Django and King Shultz. That brings to mind the relationship between the slaves and the Quakers. All whites weren’t in support of slavery and some even despised it. But on the flip side you had blacks like Samuel Jacksons character who was comfortable being a slave. It wasn’t a color issue it was a human issue and that was highlighted in the movie. I also enjoyed how he demonized slavery and racism by capturing the horrific moments of slave brutality and making fun of the lack of intelligence of the Ku Klux Klan. To be honest that was by far the funniest part of the movie.

The last two points I want to make for me is the most important. The first is Tarantino gave us the opportunity to get our revenge. He allowed for Nat Turner and John Brown to live!  Django was able to payback the men he watched beat, rape and torture his wife. Imagine the number of black men who watched their wives being raped and beat and never being able to do anything about it. Even worse than that is the impact it had on our women who at that moment begin to disrespect their men because she felt he couldn’t protect her. She began to make her slave master her God because she felt only he could keep her safe. In this movie Tarantino showed our manhood and didn’t allow it to be stripped away.

Lastly, I appreciate the way Django loved his wife. The splitting of families was a regular occurence during slavery. Husbands, Wives and children being shipped off to different plantations. Do you think this practise effects us today? Of course. This movie dispelled the myth that we don’t love our women! This movie showed a man who was willing to die and kill for the woman that he loved. The man and woman relationship is the foundation of a family and even as a “uneducated slave” Django understood what that meant. If he did that for his wife imagine what he wouldve done for his whole family!


I believe the D is for Determined. Django was determined to find his wife and willing to defeat anyone who stood in his way. I believe Django represents many black men. I believe King Shultz represents many white people who believes that injustice is injustice despite who it is against. Stephen (Samuel L Jackson) represents many black people who have sold out! These type of people are the most dangerous for our community because we don’t see them as enemies but they are! And Broomhilda represents so many of our women who are waiting for the man to be the leader he was created to be.

But you know whats even worse? Many of you wouldn’t have seen it if Spike Lee did it! So some times the best person to bring a message and make a point is someone that you didn’t even expect.


3 responses to “Django; Is the D silent for Distasteful or Determined?

  1. great testimony

  2. QT stole the movie concept from Aaron McGruder’s Boondocks. So unimpressed with QT and saddened for my people.

  3. Great Points. I have not seen the movie yet. I’ve heard more negative reviews about it than positive. Great blog! Keep up the good work! Maybe I’ll go check out what all the hype is

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