About Me

Basheer Jones‟ gait is like a lion– steady, patient, quiet and ready to pounce. His prey is opportunity – an opportunity to teach young boys, girls, men and women the truth of their worth and value. Warm and uncomplicated; when he speaks they listen. Basheer Jones is an attractive personality, both engaging and inspiring. He‟s a born leader with a life story that gives him mass appeal.

Born in Brooklyn, New York and a transplant to Cleveland, OH: Basheer graduated from Martin Luther King High School, where he became involved with B.R.I.C.K – Brother, Respect, Intelligence, Conduct and Knowledge – a program led by Tim Roberts, a Cleveland police officer who would become a father figure and would also inspire Basheer to pursue his love for both the written and spoken word. His life experiences have been the fuel behind his sincere wordsand his soul stirring delivery, as he speaks to the hearts
of many with his poetry, this has opened up many doors for him. One was a chance to attend and graduate Morehouse College with high honors- where he studied African American Studies. He later pursued graduate studies at Howard University. During this time, he continued to make a name for himself.

He is emerging as a powerful and forceful voice in media and entertainment as he hosts a top rated radio talk show that is bound for national syndication. He is rising up as a fiery and impassioned leader, and public speaker with a message of empowerment and change.

Having been requested to be interviewed by Time Magazine and to open for leaders such as Barack Obama and Tavis Smiley, Basheer proves that he possesses something very special. Basheer played an important role in the city of Cleveland during the 2008 Presidential Election. Being in a swing state, he hosted Barack Obama rallies and held one of the largest youth voter registration efforts in city history alongside influential people like Cornel West, Lebron James, Hill Harper, Russell Simmons, and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

From the rough streets of Brooklyn, NY and his adopted home city of Cleveland, OH to acclaimed Spoken Word Artist and Essence Award Winner; Morehouse Graduate with honors, to the youngest News Talk Radio host in the country; he has lived up to the belief that we must be the change that we‟ve been searching for.