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Ratchet Video

I’m very big on supporting people. I’ve spent my whole life up until this point doing so. It means so much to me. I enjoy seeing people reach their goals. It really touches me to see people who grew up going through similar circumstances bust through the concrete and become the rose they have always dreamed of. Whether its sports, music, business or education success is a goal that were all trying to reach. I respect hard work, patience and consistency because without it one could never reach the top. But answer this question for yourself, What does it mean to be successful? Should there be a line that your not willing to cross to reach success? Or is it by any means necessary? Does it matter who you offend or demoralize? What is your definition of success?

There is a new video called Ratchet that was created by some  national/local Cleveland artists. Some of whom are my friends and others who I am unfamiliar with. But whether I know them or not the fact is that the message that this song is pushing has to be one of the worst that i’ve seen and heard in a while. I know this city in a way that few people do because of all the speaking that I do. If anyone ever tells you that music does not have an effect on our community is lying and you should question if their minds are in the right state. Of course me discussing this video will only make you want to watch it but I urge you to truly listen to whats being said. I don’t care who you are, and how many records you’ve sold, or how many fans you have, or who shows up to your party. I don’t care about any of that. All I care about is the people and how their being treated and represented. If you sit here and tell me that you would be ok with your daughter, sister, or your mother being spoken to in that manner then it makes sense why you would be ok with such a demoralizing  song! I think Cleveland is full of great talent but too many of them lack heart. They lack the heart to stand up for something meaningful, consistently!

I can hear the senseless rebuttals now and the sad part is that some of them will come from women. “Its only a song Basheer.” “There are ratchet women Basheer.” “This is how I eat Basheer.” “Why did you watch the video Basheer?” I have some better questions for you! Do you even care that there are some young people who listen and act on your every word? Are you aware of the consequences of your words and its impact on the mind of people internationally? Do you not understand that some consider you role models but yet and still you feed the masses poison? What does it matter if your from Cleveland if your not making it better? I’m not talking about giving away turkeys and gifts! I’m talking about using your gift to help change the very mindset that is keeping us as one of the most impoverished, violent, uneducated cities in the nation. But I believe I finally know the answer to your problem. Your scared. Thats it! Your scared. Scared to be different. Scared to tell the world that your soul isn’t for sell. Your afraid and because of it you destroy those who are weaker; our women. While your creating songs that are demeaning to our future mothers I wonder what do you whisper into the ears of your daughters? While your glorifying this poisonous nonsense to the children who aren’t being monitored what are you teaching your baby girls? If you could only treat other daughters the way you treat yours then maybe the world would be safe from these sick messages.  If we all could live like this the world would be a better place.

I want to speak to you community. How do you allow your daughters to be treated with such hate? What do you mean hate Basheer? Well, You would have to hate a woman to demoralize her. It would be impossible for you to love someone and at the same time treat them as if their lower than dirt. Why do you accept this? Women why do you dance and accept songs that are extremely disrespectful? O ok their not talking about you right? But what about the woman that does fit that category does she deserve to be kicked down or picked up?

My respect level for these type of people decreases everyday but hey you don’t need my respect to breathe. But let me assure you that me and a men just like me will continue to speak out against this nonsense. We will speak out for the young girl who will be stereotyped before she gets a chance to open her mouth. We will speak out for the fathers and remind them that if you don’t raise your daughters and be an example of a man they will end in the arms of these unintelligent cowards. They will end up in the arms of men who will give up their souls to the highest bidder.

“The Success of a nation depends on how they treat their women.” After reading this quote I can see why we are in such a terrible state. I pray that we all become better servants. I pray that we all strive to become thinkers and begin to look at the world in a different way. Lets look at life and say, “this is what I want to give to the world instead of looking at what were trying to get from it.” What is your definition of success? If its power then do you view Adolf Hitler as successful? If its riches do you view the Pharoah of Moses time to be successful? If its fame do you view Jeffrey Dahmer as being successful? Don’t give up something that is priceless for things that will ultimately lose value. Whats priceless? Your soul. True Success is Heaven! I pray we all get there!